Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Morrison's Year 4

On Monday 17th June, Year 4 walked to Morrisons supermarket and took part in a shop tour and pizza making experience. The members of Morrisons asked lots of questions about food, that the children answered very well. They took the children to each of the 'Market Square' counters including fresh meat, fish and bakery. Upstairs in the learning zone, the children were able to make their own pizzas and could take them home to cook. The children learnt so much from the experience. We thank Morrisons for their kindness.

Miss Broadley

Friday, 14 June 2019

Science jamboree

The science jamboree at Pfizer yesterday was a fantastic opportunity for our year 6 to enjoy many different aspects of science. They learnt about 3D printers, growing a tomato plant from seed to 7m tall in just 6 months, how forensic scientists solve crimes and all about water, air and forces.

Year 6 Weather Project at DGGS.

Year 6 had a wonderful time taking part in the weather project at Dover Girls Grammar School last week. The children were very engaged and learnt a lot about weather including how to measure weather, the impact of weather on deserts, rain forest and the polar regions. The children even designed and made wind turbines!