Monday, 5 February 2018

Year 3 make a Mini Compost Bin

Year 3 had a wonderful afternoon discussing what soil is and how it is formed. We looked at the processes that go on in soil all the time; how water and other nutrients are added, how the nutrients are lost through evaporation and plants feeding, how organic matter transforms into other things, and how creatures living in the soil keep it all moving around and are vital to the formation of soil!

We discussed what the class do with their waste food; throwing into food bins or compost heaps, saving it for another use or feeding it to pets so nothing is wasted. We then looked at instructions for making our own compost bin, and how to care for the worms that would live inside them.

After introducing the class to how to carefully handle worms, we put on our rubber gloves and set off making our very own Mini Compost Bins!

Discussing soil, what it is and how it is made.

Plastic bottles ready to be turned into compost bins

Adding soil above the base layer

Worms, waste food and paper added
The Red Wiggler worms were very quick to burrow down!

Preparing covers for the compost, to keep them dark

Finished Mini Compost Bins

All of Year 3 worked hard to make sure they handled the worms safely and gave them a good home to do their work, making compost! We will be keeping them in class for the next few weeks to watch what happens to the food and paper we added, and each group is responsible for checking that the living conditions for the worms are taken care of.

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