Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Anti-bullying Week

This week the children have all being discussing ways to be a good friend, the impact of cyber-bullying and how to keep ourselves safe. A lady from the NSPCC came to visit us on Wednesday and gave a talk about 'Speak Out. Stay Safe.'
Every class has created some artwork based on anti-bullying and the British Values. They have also written poems, created posters, to name a few activities.

Here are some poems written by Year 6:

It hurts, it kills,
Gives me the chills,
Sticks and stones may break my bones.
 Words will never hurt
That’s the lie they let me believe.

Hoping that they’ll leave,
I was praying, shaking,
All the time breaking,
Calls, kicks, hits, bites,
They always feel glee,
They can’t see inside of me.

The one they like - the one that I hate
Think that there are mates,
It’s all going to stop,
Well I hope it is,
It’s all formal,

Now it’s back to normal!
By Kiera

Different - Unique
I’ m a girl,                                                       
A different girl,                                                                 
Different to others,                                                      
Others are different to me.                                                          
I try my best,                                                                                                                                                                                   
Getting braver every day,
Nothing will knock me down,
I hope every single day.                                                            
Unique is being you,                                                                    
You are unique,                                                                        
Words will not hurt me,
But could hurt you.

If they do,
Don’t just lay back,
Be brave,
And you will be safe,
Fear could be your enemy,
If you ignore,
Let love be your light,
Be your friend.

Remember who you are,
Don’t ever change
You are unique
No one is the same
By Bethany

Sticks and Stones

It goes on and on….
Don’t let fear be your enemy,
The words stuck inside,
Sticks and stones….

Will I be bullied again?
They filled break time with dread,
If you want change - stand up,
Make phone calls to home.

Don’t let fear reign over your future,
Ignore them,
That’s very well saying,
But do you think it works?
Neither they nor their words will ever leave me alone. 

By Janik

Hit by Darts
You can have sticks and stones,
You can have broken bones,
Where hardly anyone has a chance,
To fight back with their smaller lance.

It hurts your heart,
But not just that,
It attacks every single part.
Where it feels like you’re being hit by darts.

Affects the way people live,
Where small defence is all people give,
Nobody has their own say,
Being forced to do it the bully’s way.

Don’t listen to bullies, be unique,
Don’t let sadness be the emotion you seek,
Try to stop a bully today,
Try doing it your own way!
By Jie

You broke my heart
Texting is hexing me now
I can’t escape, I’m in prison
I can’t get out, and I’m too afraid to shout
A rhinos ’ horn is stabbing my life
It’s beginning to break my heart
Oh no it’s already fallen apart

So we’ll form a line

They fear to cross
It will be sublime

Delete, delete, delete
Block them report them
There’s another one, swallowed, wait my mum’s found out
We are greater than haters
Sticks and stones may not break my bones
By FinleyBut words will definitely hurt me

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