Friday, 17 November 2017

Year 3's Forest School Trip

Forest School with Year 3

On Tuesday Year 3 had the wonderful opportunity to attend Forest School at Kearsney Abbey. The day began with the class splitting into two groups. One group headed on a hike up the hill to the top to build some dens and bird-feeders. The other group walked along the river, looking for sticks and leaves with which they built some fantastic rafts for the Raft Race.

Hiking through the woods.

Building a den.

Balancing on the log see-saw!

Inside the den, cleaning out the leaves and building a seating spot.

Crafting a bird-feeder.

Building a spot for a fire.

Another den under construction.

Work at the crafting table.

Results of the crafting table.

After both groups had completed their activities we joined up again for some lunch and to share some stories about the morning.

After lunch it was time for the Raft Race!

Some great rafts ready for the race!

Checking for the best spot to race.

Launching the rafts for the race.
Checking how deep the river is.

 After the race, the two groups learnt about fire safety and built a fire. We ended the day with some climbing activities, set up a hammock and finally ate some delicious marshmellows and popcorn around the fire.

Swinging in the hammock.

Balancing between the ropes!

A spot of fishing.


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