Thursday, 9 November 2017

Basketball Champions - again!!

Our first match was against Kingsdown B. Thomas scored the first one, Alessio got the second, Finley got the third, then Alessio scored another. We beat Kingsdown B 4-0!
Our second match was against St Faiths, Aleks scored one, that was all that happened in that match. We beat St Faiths 1-0!
Our third match was against Capel, Finley scored the first one, Kiera got the second one, Aleks got the third one. We beat Capel 3-0!
Our fourth match was against Guston, Alessio scored the first one, Chloe got the second one, Thomas got the third one Aleks got the fourth one, Alessio scored another which was our fifth one, Thomas also scored another which was our sixth one. We beat Guston 6-0!
All these scores brought us to the semi-finals. In the semi finals, we played Temple Ewell, straight away. Temple Ewell got one, then Alessio scored our first one, Aleks got our second one, Kiera got our third one, Finley got our fourth one. We beat Temple Ewell 4-1!
Beating Temple Ewell brought us Charlton to the finals!!!
In the final we played St Faiths, Alessio scored one,  2/3 into the game, the referee then rang the bell to call it, which then meant Charlton had won the Basketball competition!!

Charlton school are on their way to the Kent Finals!  Charlton are the Champions yet again!!
Thank you so much to Ms Lanigan, Mrs Lyons, Mrs Gardiner for being by our side the whole time whilst training and competing.

Reported by Kiera

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